Why choose Nimex Export ?

Because you want the best rates, less bank logistics charges and have a single interlocutor.

By combining your orders, we can make you benefit from out preferential rates with our main suppliers, and in a single shipment, reduce your packaging and you cargo.

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The Company was created as a limited company in 1994 and was directed by Patrick Gilbert. Since his retirement, the business was acquired by the LLC Nimex Export, led by Laƫtitia PEREIRA, the Mr. Gilbert's former sales assistant. Today, Nimex Export is composed of a three-person team. It should be noted that since its inception, the company has conducted export operations and, even with its name changed in 2009, the company has always been present on the international export market .

Activity and products marketed

The company's headquarters are located in Saint Benoit sur Loire in the region "Centre" in France. It's in this region that all export-import operations of sending and receiving orders for the preparation of packing lists via processing of tenders are processed.

The company distributes electrical and IT products its speciality in international markets. Engaged in export activities since its creation, the company has become a benchmark in the industry and is partnering with many manufacturers in the area such as Nexans, Ortea, Legrand and Schneider Electric International. This small business has developed an attractive pricing policy, allowing it to acquire new customers and new suppliers. The growing success of the company is due to the commitment to quality and compliance to its commitments.

The marketed products cover various fields such as construction, industry, information technology, telephony or rewinding motor. Through these different areas, the company markets a wide range of products such as cables, transformers, batteries, lighting or voltage regulators. Its main customers are active companies in the industrial field such as mining, oil and chemical company in the food and electricity. The company also works with installers and building industry, purchasing groups, businesses and industrial maintenance with the Navy.

Trading Structure

The location of the company allows it to export more easily. It should be noted that the company is close to the Paris airports and to the major port areas of Rouen and Le Havre. The company has a fairly wide geographical area. It carries out most of its export-import operations with North Central and Western Africa, but also with countries in the region of the Indian Ocean such as Madagascar. It is of course also present in all France. Its distribution network is very broad because it works directly with its partners on the international level. Its partners are present in Cameroon, Congo, Senegal, Gabon, Niger, Soudan, Mali... but also in The Reunion Island and Madagascar, the company thus covers different areas in different countries.

General Policy

Since its creation, the company has established a certain ethic. It is committed to provide quality products and to meet its commitments. Therefore now it has many confident customers and suppliers, who are committed to it. Moreover, the fact that It has set up Pricing policies can meet the needs of customers who have specific needs depending on the area where they practice. The monitoring of needs is also permitted by the presence of a single contact per zone. Local operations permit logistics, import and export through all the countries where the company has, direct partners.

Nimex Export therefore bets on the quality of its products and the attractiveness of its prices and gets to have lower prices for customers from the competition and makes the choice of suppliers based on value for money. The company can adapt the various projects that are proposed by its customers to the large number of suppliers with whom it works.